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Fenanza Won the Best Performance at Indolivestock 2017

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Fenanza Won the Best Performance at Indolivestock 2017

Entering the Indolivestock 2017, at Grand City Convex Surabaya (17-19 / 5) was immediately greeted by PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa (Fenanza) at the main door. As in previous years, this booth is never empty of visitors.

President Director of Fenanza, Dr. Isra 'Noor Karim conveyed that this year the theme raised is back to nature. This booth is designed using wood without any synthesis material.  The paint also comes from plant material. With the dominance of orange and green colors make it look more attractive.

The seriousness of the Fenanza team preparing the booth earned him a reward by the organizers with the title of The Best Stand Performance. Fenanza is already a subscription won many awards at this exhibition. "We certainly appreciate the appreciation given," said Isra when receiving a trophy.

Unique and Qualified Products

Fenanza is growing rapidly with its professionally built warehousing and premix facilities. Always ready to provide products that have excellence in innovation and specific uniqueness as animal health support, improved nutrition and improved livestock performance.

"We always show the latest products in Indolivestok, because Fenanza continues to innovate. All Fenanza's products are definitely unique. We will not distribute products that are not unique, "said Isra.

Fenanza is also a distributor of pharmaceutical and feed additive products from 7 leading worldwide principals EW Nutrition - German, Borregaards - Norway, Beijing - Enhalor International - China, Aether Center - China, Phode - France, Aquativ Diana - Thailand and UNIBIOTECH - South Korea.

Besides being able to consult at the booth, Fenanza also educates customers through 3 seminars on various topics. The first day seminar was filled by Kevin Yan, Regional Sales Manager of Beijing Enhalor International. He discussed the importance of vitamin C in the world of animal husbandry.


Kevin also introduced HALOR C to the seminar participants. "Halor C is a vitamin c that has been stabilized through a coating process with Polyacrylic resin so that the formation of a perfect layer to avoid damage to vitamin C due to heat and humidity," he explained.

This provides a significant advantage (3.64 times) compared to regular vitamin C. This product contains 90% vitamin C. Can be given to poultry with dose 100 gr / ton of feed and 150 gr / ton of feed for pig. HALOR C can be supplied through feed or drinking water.

Further exposure is Robert Nichol, Managing Director of EW Nutrition Southeast Asia-Pacific. He explained about mycotoxins binder. He said not all fungi produce mycotoxins, only certain fungi.

The existence of mycotoxins threatens the livestock industry. Mycotoxins can even survive to temperatures above 300 ° C. Its existence is very threatening. "Mycotoxins can not be killed, can only be bound. So we need a binder (mycotoxin binder), "he explained.

Furthermore, he said, MASTERSORB is the latest generation of mycotoxins binder equipped with active compounds and acts as a hepatoprotector. Specific bentonite contained in it very effectively binds to mycotoxins, especially Aflatoxin.

While β-D Glucan is an extract from the yeast cell wall Saccharomyces cerevisiae, with its van der walls bonds contained in MASTERSORB can bind other types of mycotoxins such as T2 Toxin, Fumonisin and so on.

Sylimarin extract from milk thistle is an active compound as a super antioxidant that stimulates cell regeneration in liver organ. So that the liver is healthier and able to detoxify mycotoxin toxin more optimally.

In addition to HALOR C and MASTERSORB, Fenanza has just launched the latest innovation product from one supplier in South Korea - UNIBIOTECH UB-LAC. This additive feed product has a working function to increase growth and digestibility, as well as improve feed efficiency and intestinal vitality, as well as minimize stress and diarrhea that can ultimately increase the average daily body weight (ADG) perfectly even under challenging conditions.

Described by Isra, UB-LAC is a product of "three in one" as a result of a combination of three classes of products, consisting of 2 kinds of probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium), specific yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), and 3 kinds of enzymes (amylase, protease and cellulose). "UB-LAC products are produced through a long research process in order to provide satisfactory results," he said.

Fenanza not only has livestock products only. Quality aquaculture products also have. Paul Seguin, Sales Director of Southeast Asia, SPF Diana (Thailand) conveys about his product Tuna Hydrolysate. A breakthrough in the world of aquaculture as an alternative to fish meal.


Currently Fenanza products are spread throughout Indonesia. Isra hopes in the future can penetrate international market. "Fenanza has an export target. In the near future we will realize. The market already exists like Myanmar and Bangladesh, "added the man who also already has several albums of his own music

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