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Fenanza Develops Products with New Paradigm

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Fenanza Develops Products with New Paradigm

It is not difficult to find Fenanza Putra booth at Indo Livestock 2015 Expo & Forum, at Grand City Convex Surabaya (29-31 / 07). Entering the exhibition grounds through the main door, Fenanza booth seemed to be welcoming. Stylishly styled booth design, strategic location and a solid team make this booth never deserted visitors. And because of the above average performance of Fenanza booths, the organizers rewarded the 2nd Best Performance Performance award for the 2nd. The committee's assessment based on design performance, cleanliness, visitors flow arrangement, visitor service, team harmony and product performance.

President Director of Fenanza Putra, Isra Noor Karim who came down directly greeted the booth miners deliver, IndoLivestock is for the fourth time Fenanza participated. And in addition to consultation at the booth, Fenanza also educates customers through 3 seminars on various topics. "The seminar also introduces the latest products to be marketed by Fenanza as soon as possible,"  said Isra.


New Products New Paradigm

The first day of the seminar, Fenanza presented Allan Junsay, Asia Technical Manager, Phode Laboratoires France who presented the material "How Functional Molecules Derived from Plant Extracts can Limit The Impact of the Feeding Behavior and Improve Zootechnical Performance of Poultry". Allan asserted, it developed products made from natural raw materials. "We are introducing Optifeed Poultry, Véo Premium and Oleobiotec Poultry," Allan said in his presentation.

Allan explains the mechanisms of increasing animal growth by affecting the way the brain works through those products. Optifeed Poultry can stimulate feed intake so as to significantly improve growth performance during the first week of life of chicks. While Véo Premium, this product can regulate feed intake even in stressful conditions, and beneficial for broilers ranging from grower levels to harvest. As for the layer from the grower level to laying.

Next, Oleobiotec Poultry can optimize digestive health and improve feed efficiency. "It could be an effective alternative to some antibiotics. This product can be used for broilers and layers in all phases, "added Allan.

According to Isra ', this is a new paradigm in Indonesia. "Fenanza develops products that can affect the animal's brain. So even though the animal is sick, the appetite is not disturbed, so the pain is not too long. The animal growth is maintained, "said Isra.

Also explained, Fajar Sutriandhi, Aqua Bussiness & Marketing Coordinator of Fenanza Putra. "The combination of these three products in 1 phase can make livestock grow better and more ideal. Soon Fenanza will develop this product in Indonesia, "he added.

On the second day, Fenanza presented the seminar theme "Functional Hydrolisates: A New Generation of Ingredients Bringing Additionnal Benefits to Aquafeed" presented by Paul Seguin, Sales Director of South East Asia, Aquativ Thailand.

Paul Seguin explained that functional hydrolyzate is rich in protein, amino acids and dissolved nitrogen compounds that can be useful as raw materials of high protein sources are easily digested, as well as attractant attractant and can increase the body's resistance.

"This is an alternative source of suitable raw materials to face increased demand for raw materials of fish origin such as fishmeal needed in the fishing industry and farms in the next few years," he explained. The technology of this functional hydrolyzate is applied to aqua species such as shrimp and fish, and also to poultry.

Furthermore, Fenanza presents the discussion "Troubleshooting Peletting Problems" presented by Technical Sales Manager, Borregaard Norway, Sotero M. Lasap. Sotero says, feedmill in producing good quality pellet feed can take into account the economic value of production side by applying TPQF (Total Pellet Quality Factor) value of each raw material, then measuring the value of PDI (Pellet Durability Index) feed already produced. The solution offered by Borregaard is how to handle various feed usage problems that are difficult to be molded into pellets such as cassava, DDGS, oil etc., in order to increase its usage without affecting the PDI value, as well as increased production capacity and pellet quality. Borregaard solution offered is a natural binder product that is LignoBondDD and lubricant PellTech.


Featured products

At the exhibition stand, Fenanza featured superior products that have been marketed to several regions in Indonesia. Among them are LignoBond DD and PellTech from Borregard LignoTech, which is 100% calcium lignosulfonate, soluble fiber derived from plants. This product has the function of natural binder and lubricant to keep the value of PDI remain optimal at the same time can increase production capacity.

The next product is Aner C from Beijing Enhalor International Tech. Aner C is a very heat resistant 35% vitamin C product especially for shrimp and fish feed as well as various other animals, such as poultry, cattle, pigs. Aner C can improve the ability to handle stress, accelerate wound healing, help the absorption of iron and strengthen the immune system. This product is also an innovative product for fish feed developed by Enhalor because it is very heat resistant at 150 C, suitable for extruder processed feed.

In addition to importing products, Fenanza also produces its own products namely FenanzaMix. FenanzaMix is ​​a premix superior product, which is optimally applicable to all types of cattle feed mix for maximum livestock and livestock performance results. FenanzaMix contains 13 vitamins (including heat-stable and stable vitamin C in the form of derivated á-ascorbic polyphosphate). Equipped with 7 organic and inorganic micro minerals that are synergized. Contains chemo-attractant to increase appetite and contain carrier of high nutritional value. Fenanza also serves custom mix or Tailor- Made premix from customers.

In addition to these products, Fenanza also displays various other types of products. As Halor C is a new technology coated Vitamin C stabilized by coating process using Polyacrilic Resin, has a high degree of stability, not easily oxidized or leaching so as to have a high availability value in the digestive tract of livestock.


Other animal and antibiotic products are marketed by Fenanza Putra, such as Center-Tylo Injection 20%, Oxyte LA Injection 20%, Alben, Enrox Injection 10%, and Ivermec Injection 1% from the Beijing Center for Animal Medicine.

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