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Become Great for Animal Health, Nutrition & Performance

The company that started focusing on professional development since 2012 is always ready to provide unique, high quality and sustainable productivity products for ruminants, pigs, quacultures and poultrys.


The participation of PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa in Indo Livestock Expo & Forum 2016 (27 - 29/7) is the 4th since the company was founded, which is one of the best promotional tools to introduce new products. Drh. Isra Noor, MM - as President Director of PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa to TROBOS Livestock, said that the operation of Fenanza in Indo Livestock event will open visitor's insight about new products as a result of innovation with the best quality from Fenanza. He makes sure, it delivers quality. "Our products are well certified and the main thing is not only selling the product but more than that, we provide after sales service according to customer's requirement," said Isra.

Fenanza, which has grown rapidly with premix production facilities and professionally built production facilities, is always on hand to provide products that have an advantage in innovation and appropriate technology to support animal health, nutrition enhancement and excellent performance. Isra further explained that Fenanza is also a distributor of pharmaceutical products and feed additives from 8 major principles around the world, namely EW Nutrition-German, Borregaards - Norway, Enhalor International - China, Aether Center - China, Phode - France, Aquativ Diana - Thailand, UNIBIOTECH - Korea and ECOLEX Animal Nutrition-Malaysia.

Currently Fenanza Putra has just launched a cutting-edge product from one supplier in Korea - UNIBIOTECH UB-LAC. This feed additive product has a working function to increase growth and digestibility, as well as increase intestinal intake and vitality, as well as stress and comfort that the average daily weight (ADG) can be used in challenging conditions. Described by Isra, UB-LAC is a "three in one" product as a result of a combination of three products, consisting of 2 different probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium), Specific Yeast (Saccharomyces cereviceae), and 3 enzymes (Amylase, Protease and Cellulose ). "UB-LAC products produce a long research process to deliver satisfactory results," said the man who is also a doctor in the field of business strategy from UNPAD Bandung.

In addition to UB-LAC, Fenanza also introduced the latest Mycotoxin binder type product - MASTERSORB. Isra explains that the Mastersorb contains a major component of a particular yeast extract, and silimarin is produced with the latest and as a dangerous mycotoxic binder, but also as a hepato protector. Its use in feed for all farm animals. The product combines mycotoxin binder combines and hepatoprotector helps the liver function. The combination of both is placed in the feed to help optimize the animal's body. "This embodies our commitment in providing high quality feed additives for the homeland scientists," said Isra.

This product is present, said Isra added, inspired by the fact that animals infected with mycotoxins are usually have problems with organ damaged. And to overcome liver damage requires hepatoprotector. "normally this hepatoprotector is only a dietary supplement and treatment for humans, but now Fenanza presents a modern hepatoprotector process and is specifically designed to be applied to animals, for animals exposed to mycotoxins at significant levels can still be used for healing after healing.MASTERSORB" .


The Indo Livestock 2016 event is visited by the industry stakeholders, and is also used as additional information and adds insight into the livestock business on livestock health. At this Indolivestock event, Fenanza held 3 seminar sessions held open for visitors by presenting expert speakers in their field.

Dr Chen Peng, Director of the International Technical Service Center for Enhalor Tech, is presented to illustrate the function and role of yeast is very good for animal health because it can enhance the immunity of animals and maintain the stability of microflora in the intestine. Chen Peng brought the material "Nutrition and Health - Culture Yeast" in the first session that took place in theater 1, hall B, JCC. Next, the second session, Fenanza took Technical Sales Manager Animal Feed of Borregaards, Sotero M. Lasap who presented "Trouble Shooting Pelleting Problems", which describes the technique of making high quality pellet-shaped feed.

The material titled "How to Minimize Acidosis Cases on Ruminant" was presented by Akhmad Johari, S.Pt in the closing session. Johari as Premix Plant & Large Animal Manager at PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa explained case of acidosis in ruminant animal, both beef cattle and dairy cow, can occur because of imbalance of feeding with fermentable carbohydrate content. Acidosis affects the livestock losses considerably, as it may decrease livestock productivity directly, where cattle visually provide common symptoms such as decreased appetite, watery stools, and limp legs (Lameness).

To prevent the occurrence of acidosis that is not expected by the breeders, Fenanza offer solutions with the provision of Bioyeastar. This product is produced by a special fermentation method with accurate concentration calculation and cultured on quality media and through a very hygienic drying process. "Bioyeastar effectively improves palatability, improves appetite, maintains gastrointestinal stability, improves immunity and with its yeast culture is able to maintain the stability of rumen pH to minimize cases of acidosis in ruminant animals," said Agung S. Wahyudi S, Pt . Nutrisionist Manager Fenanza.

Participation, Contributions

In addition to promotional events and product introductions, as stated by Isra, the exhibition is also intended to open opportunities for the stakeholders of the livestock industry and fisheries, to exchange information, science and technology, directly with the team of PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa during the holding took place.

The challenges of extreme globalization and climate change require innovative thinking for the livestock industry, due to the increasing challenge of disease and stress in livestock business. Therefore, maintaining livestock immunity through quality, effective, and protective feed supplements is a necessary requirement in the modern livestock industry. And Fenanza is determined to contribute to the provision of those needs.

That is why, during the 3 days of the exhibition, PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa booth that appears with a distinctive color orange and green always looks crowded by visitors especially because the location is very strategic at the entrance Indolivestock. According to Isra, visitors who stop at the Fenanza booth are from businessmen, farmers, policy holders, to students.

Isra added that this year Fenanza participated in Indo Livestock event with focus of Health, Nutrition, & Perfomance as well as introducing new company logo. Hopefully with the change of company status from CV to PT and the new logo brings new luck and passion to provide the best for the world of livestock Indonesia, amiin

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