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Colibacillosis Prevention in Piglet with Triple Actions

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Colibacillosis Prevention in Piglet with Triple Actions



I am a pig farmer in Bali (you may see my ID attached for my address information). In the last three months we have experienced problems in piglet aged 0 - 3 weeks (before weaning), the mortality increases significantly. It begins with piglets that do not want to eat or suckle, prefer to be alone at the corner of the pen (depression), and fever (temperatures range 40-41.5 ° C) that lasts several days accompanied by whitish diarrhea, body weight decreases dramatically to eventually cause death. The piglets are usually in a good condition, but suddenly symptoms above shown and some even within 24 hours of diarrhea immediately die. We did a necropsy to the piglets and found red intestines with white intestinal fluid. Since we are now entering the rainy season, we are afraid that this will get worse because our pen still partly uses a dirt floor. We mix the feed by ourselves using tofu waste plus premix from the poultry shop. Please advise from Fenanza Team to overcome these problems. Thank you….


(Made S – Singaraja, Bali)




Dear Pak Made,


Thank you for your question with a very complete explanation starting from the symptoms, as well as the steps you have taken with very clear photographs, especially photographs of the pen, feed, and photos of the intestines affected, unfortunately these photos we cannot show here.


Based on the symptoms and photos attached and on our experience we can conclude that your farm is suffering from colibasillosis. For more details, the white dirt in the intestine should be taken to the nearest laboratory in order to identify the cause of germs.


There are several things we can do to treat and prevent colibasillosis, which we call Triple Actions; (1.) Improve farm management with good sanitation, especially the cleanliness of the pen and its environment, preferably the floor of the pen is not from the ground, use disinfectant to spray the pen and piglets, make sure the drainage is not clogged and set the density of the population. (2.) Give nutritious feed in accordance with the needs of the piglets, if now you use tofu waste, make sure that the tofu waste are still suitable for eating (color, smell and consistency (pulp density) must be fresh), add ORIMIX premix 1 kg per 100 kg of feed so that vitamin and mineral needs can be fulfilled. (3.) For the sow after labor, immediately do the injection with antibiotics CENTRE OXYTE LA injection 20%, injection solutions contain broad-spectrum oxytetracycline antibiotics that can inhibit and kill Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria so that the milk produced is free of bacteria. In CENTRE OXYTE LA injection 20% also contains MACROGOL which maintains oxytetcacycline levels in the blood for 5-7 days depending on the severity. The dosage used for sows is 1 ml / 10 kg body weight, but avoid injections exceeding 10 ml at one injection site so that the drug can work perfectly. Also, for newborn piglets to be immediately given an injection of CENTRE OXYTE LA injection 20% 0.2 ml per head of piglets along with the injection of iron (Fe) in the neck area that can prevent diseases from the piglets. Hope these solutions bring you more success. Have a nice try and good luck! Regards (IHN).


Also published in TROBOS Magazine, November 2019. 

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