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Prevention of Diarrhea and Pungent Odor of Poultry Droppings with Special Supplement

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Prevention of Diarrhea and Pungent Odor of Poultry Droppings with Special Supplement

Question             :


My brother owns a layer farm in Sukabumi area. When I visited his farm, the pungent odor of the droppings immediately smelled. My brother told me about the problems in his farm, in addition to the pungent odor, his chicken manure also looked too runny, and his chicken appetite reduced so that egg production continued to decrease around 20-30%. They have used several drugs recommended by technical sales who came to his farm but no good results. The farm use self-mixing feed. Please advise from Fenanza team how to overcome the problem so that the pungent odor is not getting worse? Thank you.


(Irma – Sukabumi)


Answer                :


Dear Ibu Irma,


Thank you very much for the question. We really appreciate how care you are to your brother, so that you joined in finding the right solution.


The physical condition of the droppings (consistency, color, and odor) is one indication that can be used to determine the condition of digestive’s health at the time. The health of digestive system is very important because it support the optimization of absorption of feed nutrients, so that it can improve metabolic improvements for growth, production, and reproduction of the chicken.


Stools that are too runny or commonly referred as diarrhea are usually caused by many factors, such as parasitic, bacterial and viral infections, or improper feed composition, which causes inflammation in the digestive tract of livestock or may be affected by certain diseases . While the emergence of the pungent odor in livestock droppings is also caused by several factors, such as inadequate management of litter, increased levels of ammonia due to poor absorption of protein in the intestine, or can also be caused by the influence of the use of some feed ingredients that indirectly cause increased odor of impurities in the farm. Therefore, it is important to improve intestinal health to reduce diarrhea.


The development of pathogenic agents in digestive tract cause irritation and lysis of intestinal epithelial cells, so that the absorption of water in the tissue cannot occur completely. Whereas intestinal mucosal cells that are lysis or damaged will mix with fluids that body does not absorb properly and resulting wet droppings.


One of the most efficient prevention to reduce diarrhea and ammonia odor is to maintain the balance of intestinal microflora using probiotic supplementation, microorganisms that can adapt to the intestinal epithelial cells as "protector agents" to suppress populations of pathogenic agents in intestine. The results of probiotic metabolites such as enzymes and lactic acid compounds will be able to decrease the intestinal pH to be more acidic so that the condition will not be a good place for the developing of pathogenic agents.


UB LAC is one of the feed supplement products contains a combination of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Enterococcus faecium) and enzymes (amylase, protease, cellulose) which have been proven to be able to maintain the balance of microorganisms in digestion, thereby increasing animal growth by increasing the digestibility, feed efficiency, intestinal vitality and reduce stress and diarrhea. The main function of this product is as a "GUT HEALTH" by maintain the intestinal health to provide the benefit and more perfect absorption of feed nutrients which will eventually the dirt will become more dry. The odor will be reduced because it does not leave ammonia residue.


When the diarrhea occur, UBLAC can be used at a dose of 4 kg per ton of feed, however for daily use it can be given at a dose of 1 kg per ton of feed to prevent diarrhea and pungent odor.


For more information or more discussion, do not hesitate to contact Fenanza Team. Regards (D).


Also published in TROBOS Magazine, August 2019.

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