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Again! Fenanza Won "The Best Stand Performance" at Indo Livestock 2019, Surabaya

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Again! Fenanza Won


Entering the exhibition venue of Indo Livestock 2019 Expo & Forum at Grand City Convex, Surabaya (3-5/7/2019), the visitors were greeted by an eye-catching booth of PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa (Fenanza). Fenanza always choose the strategic place to welcome all visitors of the exhibition.


Even the booth always crowded by the visitors, but Fenanza Team were ready and delighted to catch every questions from the visitors. They supports each other evenly. It was not a surprise when this company received an award from the event organizer as “The Best Stand Performance”. This proves that Fenanza has always been focused in preparing the exhibition.


Fenanza relatively new in the animal nutrition and animal health industry. It was founded in 2012 (CV Fenanza Putra) and 2016 (PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa), but already well known both in the feed mill sector and among farmers, especially self-mixing. Even this year, Fenanza will make a new breakthrough by exporting its premix products to Vietnam and Myanmar.


Isra Noor, President and CEO of Fenanza explains that as a developing local company, Fenanza dare to take the risk to put the company to a higher level. Of course, Isra knows the company’s capability and always develop its capabilities to compete in the field. Especially in this era, Indonesia got so many foreign investors in premix, but Fenanza will always be better and be more professional so will get the best results.


“Fenanza’s premix quality can be competed with import premixes. We always use high quality raw materials from trusted and well-known principals around the world. Beside, in 2018 Fenanza use the “traceability” concept. A way to tract down the products so it can be responsible. One thing is certain that Fenanza product will never put animal health, human health and environment in a danger,” Isra continued.


As certified on good manufacturing process (GMP) by Ministry of Agriculture, Fenanza will be more confident to produce the premix both powder and liquid, and market the products locally and internationally.


Not only attending the exhibition, Fenanza also held three technical seminars with interesting topics. The invited speakers came from the trusted principals that will share their knowledge and experiences with the audiences.


The first day of the seminar talked about yeast culture for livestock. Dr. Chen Peng as a Director of Microecology Beijing Enhalor as the speaker explains that yeast culture provides complete nutrition for gastrointestinal microbes that could enhance the performance of livestock. “Yeast culture is very unique and different from any other yeast product. Yeast culture is a fermented yeast that design to provide fermented metabolite that come from specific fermentation process for gastrointestinal microbe,” Chen continued.


Enhalor use yeast culture to produce Bioyeastar, a product contains yeast metabolite for animal health and its performance. Bioyeastar produce with modern and sterile fermentation technology from pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisae Sa-10. Developed selectively, so balance the gut’s microbe and stimulate the immune system, and increase the nutrition absorption in the gut and increase the performance of livestock.


On the next day, Fenanza collaborating with EW Nutrition, a feed additives company from Germany talked about the effect of mycotoxin in the farm, where Indonesia as one of tropical country and susceptible for mycotoxin outbreak. Kremlin Mark Ampode, Technical Manager of EW Nutrition Philippines, delivered this topic.


He explained that mycotoxin is a seconder metabolite from fungus that found in grain, cereal, and forage. Mycotoxin is invisible, because it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, but the negative effect is real, such as the decrease of livestock performance, even death.


“The contamination of mycotoxin will decrease the quality of raw materials and also the feed, one of the factor is the control of the raw materials, from planting until the process of harvesting and keeping the raw materials. The mycotoxin occurs because of the extreme conditions of temperature, pH, the oxygen level, and humidity. The right management is needed to choose the exact anti mycotoxin products,” Kremlin explained.


Mastersorb from EW Nutrition is the right choice for mycotoxin binder. Mastersorb is the latest generation of mycotoxin binder that binds all kind of mycotoxins and acts as a hepatoprotector, which protects liver from the mycotoxin. This product contains “specific bentonite”, dried yeast, and milk thistle extract (sylimarin). The specific bentonite contained in is very effective in binding mycotoxins, especially the aflatoxin type. Where β-D glucan from yeast can bind various mycotoxins such as zearolenone, fumonisin, T2 toxin, and so on.


On the last day of the exhibition, Fenanza presents Mr. Agung Susilo Wahyudi, as head of premix plant PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa. Agung gave the audience a simple yet very useful tips and trick on how to choose the right premix.


According to Agung, to pick the right premix we should pay attention on the amount of premix component based on the species target. The base we look over the literature and research, analyzed the amount of the substance at independent laboratories, and choose the GMP certified manufacturer.


One thing to consider in choosing a good premix besides the budget issue or cost per kg of feed is to pay attention on the content of the premix, and the production process from choosing the raw materials until the products deliver to the customer. Discussion with the producer on the premix legality, dosage and technical mixing, storage. The results of premix usage should be documented, make a clear report according to the situation and an ROI analysis (cost vs. results) to take the next step.


Thank you, Surabaya. See you at Indo Livestock 2020, Jakarta! 

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