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Fenanza Presents Most Recent and Traceable Products

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Fenanza Presents Most Recent and Traceable Products

Fenanza educates customers by setting aside a slightly larger fund, but the benefits provided will be more significant

There was something different in Hall A in the 2018 Indolivestock Expo & Forum which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center (4-6 / 7). With the predominance of green and orange, the booth number AP 92 is always crowded with visitors. The booth turned out to be filled by PT Fenanza Putra Perkasa (Fenanza) which is a national private company that has been developing professionally since 2012 by carrying quality, unique and traceable products from various leading companies in Europe and Asia including their own product: premix in order to support the productivity of livestock and aquaculture in Indonesia.

President Director of Fenanza, Isra 'Noor Karim said Fenanza booth during the Indolivestock Expo & Forum was visited by visitors including customers and suppliers from various countries who were looking for distributors for the Indonesian market. In addition to its strategic location and eye catching booth arrangement, Fenanza employees who served in the booth were also very friendly and could provide solutions to various questions from visitors. This was revealed during the conversation with Isra on the sidelines of his busy serving visitors ... "the product concept we provide is the latest concept supported by recent Human Resources (HR)," he said with a smile.

Therefore Isra mentioned, it is no wonder in the 5 times participating in this international livestock fair, Fenanza had won the title twice, namely the 2nd Best Stand Performance (2015) and the 1st Best Performance Stand (2017). "We always present current themes in every exhibition. This year the theme Fenanza bringing the theme of innovation and professionalism, "he said.

Customer Education

Isra said on the occasion of the Indolivestock exhibition this time, Fenanza wanted to share information with customers, especially Fenanza premix products with the concept of traceability. This is done by Fenanza because currently there are several premix products on the market that do not have a clear concept in terms of quality, only selling based on prices. Such a concept in our opinion is less relevant in the current era of openness. Fenanza prioritizes discussing with customers to determine the products they want according to customer needs before the product is offered. This means that Fenanza always puts itself as a good partner for customers and not as a supplier.

At the same time,  Fendy Fadillah Akbar, DVM, Marketing Executive of Fenanza said that with the presence of Fenanza at a livestock exhibition like this, Fenanza would be better known by stakeholders so that trust and confidence would arise in doing business.

Furthermore, Agung Susilo Wahyudi S.Pt, Head of Premix Division Fenanza emphasized that in choosing a supplier, Fenanza has criteria that must be fulfilled by the supplier, such as uniqueness, clear and effective benefits and good ability in dealing with market desires, always changes according to circumstances, besides that the supplier must have an ISO certificate, free of melamine / antibioics and some other conditions.

Speaking of product prices, Agung considered that the price of the product would be directly proportional to quality. Therefore, Fenanza educates farmers or customers to choose products not only look at one side, for example the price or bonus given. However, you they get a payback on every rupiah issued. "Fenanza gave that answer. Fenanza educates customers that by setting aside funds a little larger, but the benefits provided will be more significant that will be far better than spending funds but less payback is calculated”.

Currently Fenanza is a distributor of pharmaceutical and feed additive products from 7 leading principals throughout the world, which are EW Nutrition - Germany, Borregaard - Norway, Beijing - Enhalor International - China, Aether Center - China, Laboratoires Phode - France, Diana Aqua - Thailand, and UNIBIOTECH - South Korea.

Latest Products & Logos

For products displayed at the Indolivestock 2018 Expo & Forum, Isra said the latest products are MasterRisk and BIOYEASTAR. MasterRisk was developed by EW Nutrition Germany to help customers in assessing the mycotoxin risk factors that are in their feed ingredients, finished feed or complete feed.

So like a risk assessment tool that calculates the results of mycotoxin studies carried out worldwide online, the instant method after entering data from mycotoxin analysis from the Fenanza laboratory is associated with mycotoxin concentration and the risk it poses to the health of livestock. EW Nutrition introduces this program as one of the tools to help farmers to better understand the dangers of mycotoxin infection to livestock. The results are in the form of reports and recommendations quickly and accurately on the farm.

BIOYEASTAR is one of the new products that was also introduced in this exhibition, where this product is simply said to be a complete yeast culture. So far we always find yeasts that have been cut into pieces so that they are sold based on their parts, namely the outer skin, inner skin and core extract. It turns out that with whole products, yeast with good technology can improve livestock palatability and appetite, maintain microflora stability and intestinal health and increase livestock vitality. "BIOYEASTAR is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sa-10 pure yeast culture containing more than 200 micro nutrients produced by special fermentation methods," Isra explained.

In addition to this, at the 13th Indolivestock Expo & Forum event, Fenanza also introduced a new, more eye-catching logo that only read Fenanza as the company's branding, which included two companies, namely PT. Fenanza Putra Perkasa, which only operates on its premix production, while PT. Fenanza Cipta Abadi specifically for importation and distribution.

Technical Seminar

In this technical seminar, the company headquartered in the Sumedang area of ​​West Java presented three speakers including Dr. Chen Pheng, Director of Microbiology Lab, Beijing Enhalor, China who presented the paper entitled "Trust The Gut And Feed The Trillions,"; Dr. Fabio Soller, Technical Director of Asia Pacific, Diana Aqua Thailand who presented a paper entitled "Hydrolysates In Aquafeed"; the last is Kim Salvador, Product Manager, Camden EW Nutrition South East Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd who presented the paper entitled "Master Mycotoxin Challenges, Analysis And Risk Evaluation Methods".

Kim Salvador, said that climate conditions in the tropics and subtropics are most conducive for fungi to replicate, proliferate and elaborate so that mycotoxin contamination can lead to interactions between mycotoxins. This can have more dangerous effects on livestock. Therefore, it is necessary to know the value of mycotoxins in order to take steps such as considering all raw materials from feed, analyzing the most dangerous mycotoxins and laying a strong foundation for making the best decisions. "Measuring the danger posed is the first step to overcome it," he said.

After analyzing mycotoxin levels, according to Kim it is not enough to know the actions to be taken, but a holistic understanding of why and how, is the key to controlling risk. So this can link mycotoxin contamination with risk factors. Understanding risk analysis can make the right decisions and actions to reduce the threat of mycotoxins. Therefore "EW Nutrition presents the MasterRisk application to consider mycotoxin interactions and understand the challenges," he explained.

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